Licences Held

In addition to its own technology, Major is able to supply a wide variety of equipment through a network of technology partners.

  • Steel Strip Annealing Furnaces and Equipment
  • Steel Strip Rapid Jet Cooling
  • Steel Abrasive Cut Off and Grinding Machines
  • Aluminium Siphoning Systems
  • Melting and Holding Furnaces (Large Scale)
  • Scrap and Salt Processing and Feeding
  • Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Coal and Mineral Processing

Andritz Selas

Andritz Selas

Major is licensed by Andritz Selas to build specialised thermal processing equipment. Andritz Selas is part of the Andritz Group of companies and provides state-of-the-art furnaces of different sizes for continuous strip processing lines. Whether for carbon steel, stainless steel or silicon steel, suitable thermal processing equipment is available.

Furnaces for Carbon Steel Strip Lines

  • Continuous annealing line furnaces
  • Continuous galvanizing line furnaces
  • Muffle type furnaces for bright annealing

Furnaces for Aluminuium and Brass strip

  • Continuous annealing
  • Preheating

Furnaces for Stainless Steel Strip Lines

  • Continuous annealing line furnaces

Roll Heat Treatment Glass Bending Equipment Steel Rod, Tube & Pipe

  • Continuous annealing
  • Continuous heat treatment

Burner Equipment

  • PreMix Radiant Gas Burners
  • ‘Qualorimeter’ gas blending equipment for blending several fuel gas streams to give constant calorific supply

Major has built Andritz Selas strip line equipment for Bluescope Steel at their Port Kembla, Western Port, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand plants. Major has also supplied the recently developed Rapid Jet Cooling systems to enhance the cooling efficiency in the after-pot cooling section of modern coating lines in Australia, New Zealand and China.


Braun Maschinenfabrik

Braun Maschinenfabrik

Major is licensed by Braun Maschinenfabrik of Austria to represent their Steel Cutting & Grinding Machines Division in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Founded in 1848, Braun have been active in the field of abrasive cutting and grinding technologies since 1965.


Braun have supplied their state-of-the-art cutting and grinding facilities to well-known companies all over the world. Major’s position is enhanced by the association with Braun and brings specialised technology into the options available for our customers.

Product Range

  • Abrasive cut-off machines for cold and hot cutting applications in the steel industry.
  • High-pressure surface grinding machines for cast, forged and rolled steel products
  • Associated material handling equipment and automation systems.
Braun Maschinenfabrik

Rio Tinto Alcan

Rio Tinto Alcan

(formerly Comalco Aluminum)

Major jointly developed the Automated Siphoning System with the then Comalco and is licensed to manufacture and sell worldwide these systems for delivering molten metal into furnaces.

Rio Tinto Alcan who manage primary aluminum smelters at Boyne Island and Bell Bay Australia and Tiwai Point, New Zealand together with Major jointly developed the Siphon Pipe Handling Systems, its structure and its Control System.

Tests with the fully operational system showed a reduction of some 75% of Dross make due to the enhanced, non turbulent flow achieved throughout hot metal transfer, thereby reducing scrap metal sent to recycling or secondary processing.

Advanced Siphon Systems Incorporate

  • Siphon Pipe Handling System, Siphon Pipe, Siphon Support Structure, Siphon Control System and Siphon Pipe Changeover Vehicle.

These Systems have been supplied to:

  • Boyne Smelters, Australia
  • Sohar Aluminium, Oman

Gillespie & Powers

Gillespie & Powers

Major is licensed by Gillespie & Powers Inc. (GPX) to build specialised process equipment for the aluminum industry.


  • Specialised types of aluminum melting and holding equipment including Side Wall Reverberatory Furnaces, Round Top Charge Melters and Tilting Holders.
  • Universal scrap melting with enclosed well** ‘Reverse Flow Melters’ for remelting heavy scrap and sows with efficient heat exchange.

Mass Flow Decoater

Kiln based decoater** for UBC’s (delacquering) and gragmented scrap (drying, deoiling, delacquer). System produces bright, clean scrap through close control of temperature and oxygen levels. Process greatly increases yield and eliminates air pollution.

**Patents apply


Unique system to submerge UBC’s and fragmented scrap – dramatically improves yield by putting the feed material quickly below the surface of the molten aluminium, providing rapid melt rates and greatly reduced dross formation.

Vibratory Conveyor Feeder

Completely automatic bulk charging of fragmented scrap and UBC’s.

Continuous Salt Feeder

Completely automatic bulk charging of fragmented scrap and UBC’s.

GPX are leading suppliers of the above equipment in the USA, and through Major the technology is now available to Australia, New Zealand, and the region.




Major is licensed by AFC-Holcroft to manufacture, sell and service Mesh Belt Furnace Systems capable of carburising, carbonitriding and neutral hardening in capacity range 500 lb to 6000 lbs per hour.Established in 1960, AFC-Holcroft focused on the design and manufacture of a full family of quality heat treatment equipment from simple box furnaces to fully computerised and automated high production lines. AFC-Holcroft has operations in North America, Canada and Mexico. Major markets the AFC-Holcroft technology throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Furnaces and Equipment

  • ModulTherm®, low-pressure vacuum carburizing with high-pressure gas quenching systems
  • E-Z™ series endothermic modular gas generators
  • Pyro-Kleen® thermal cleaning systems
  • GapMiser™ soft loading system for continuous belt furnaces
  • Continuous austempering systems
  • Mesh belt furnaces
  • Automated hot-forged powder metal systems
  • Single and multiple-row pushers, and multi-chamber carburizing systems
  • Flexible heat treat cells
  • Computer-controlled belt, batch and pusher systems
  • Sealed walking beam furnaces
  • Tension-free belt drive systems
  • Fully automated heat treat systems
  • Fully automated heat treat and press set systems for valve springs
  • Automated heat treat and fixture quench systems for bearings and gears
  • “Low-Flow” generator-free atmosphere systems
  • Flexible quenching systems: high pressure gas, IntensiQuench®, oil, salt/austemper


Coal and Mineral Processing Equipment

MBE Coal and Minerals Technology

(formerly Humboldt Wedag Coal and Minerals Technology)

Major is the representative in the region for equipment, spare parts and services relating to the following coal and minerals processing equipment from MBE Coal and Minerals Technology.

  • Processing equipment for:
  • Coal
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous ores
  • Silica
  • Magnesite
  • Phospate rock
  • Talcum
  • Feldspar
  • Barryte
  • Potassium
  • Salt


Moveable sieve jig for primary separation of refuse from the coarse raw coal. By means of a moveable screen rocker arm the grains are loosened and stratified. Coarse coal can thus be separated in a light and a heavy fraction at low specific operating costs and with high efficiency.

Feed size 30-400mm

Throughput rates max. 400t/h



Jig for processing all kinds of coal, iron ores, ferroalloy slags as well as many other different minerals.

Feed size 0-150mm

Throughput rates 30-1000t/h

Effective jigging widths 1-8m

The main advantages of BATAC Jigs compared to conventional jigs and heavy-medium plants (HMS): higher efficiency, huge economical benefits, better product quality, better machine availability and higher throughput rates.


TESKA Heavy Media Separators

Dense media separation of coal and ores is performed in a suspension of finely ground solids and water.

The TESKA Separator is a slowly rotating bucketwheel joined to feed and discharge compartments by seals. Adjustable nozzles arranged around bucketwheel perimeter induce downward flow of heavy media and therefore preventing undesired density concentrations.



Pneumatic flotation for beneficiation of coal and minerals.

Solids Feed size <0.5mm

Throughput rates max. 600t/h dry solids for each machine

Pulp throughput max. 1200m3/h

Tank size up to 6m diameter

Since introduction to the market in 1995, over 100 PNEUFLOTs have been installed in the fields of coal, industrial minerals, ores and secondary raw materials. PNEUFLOT imporves product purity and yields. Low investment and operating cost, low wear and high efficiencies are further characteristics of PNEUFLOT in comparison to conventional flotation cells.



Wet High-Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS) for processing of low magnetic susceptible ores, feebly magnetic minerals from non-magnetic particles by a wet process even to very fine sizes.

Solids Feed size <1mm

Throughput rates 0.5-200t/h

JONES WHIMS enables very high magnetic fields at low current consumption but also yields high throughput rates in a compact machine.



Medium-Intensity Magnetic Separator (MIMS) for dry and wet separation of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic ores and minerals.

Solids Feed size <5mm

Throughput rates max. 100t/h

PERMOS MIMS with a wide working range outside the drum allows a dry and wet magnetic separation of coarse and fine minerals, particularly high grade ores of medium susceptibility at high throughput rates. The PERMOS operates at field intensities around 0.5 Tesla on the drum surface and meets the demand for cost-effective solutions for many applications which are outside the scope of traditional low intensity permanent magnetic separators that reach only up to 0.2 Tesla on the drum surface.



Feed size 0-15mm <max. 0-30mm)

Grinding fineness <10um 9in airclassifier <3um)

Throughput rates 20-12,000kg/h


Screen widths 1.0-4.5m

Screen lengths 2.25-6.0m

The Screens can be supplied with a variety of screening media and drive motors, depending on customer requirements.


Cone diameter 700-2000mm

Throughput rates 15-500m3/h

The CALIBRATOR is highlighted by smooth and compact construction and low overall height. With its outstanding reliability and its low operation and maintenance costs, the CALIBRATOR is an ideal size reduction application for process operations.