Combustion Sales & Services

Support Services for Combustion and Refractory available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Phone: (03) 8558-1800
Fax: (03) 8558-1805

24 hour emergency number:

Phone: 0408 995 692

The Combustion Sales and Service Division offer a wide range of services and products to the local and interstate furnace industry.

These services include furnace, boiler and combustion system upgrades, installations and relocations of thermal capital equipment, commissioning and on going preventative maintenance contracts.

Major Furnace also holds a broad range of combustion spare parts, Major Oil Burners and Selas Burner parts at its central stores in Clayton.

Other products and services include the assembly of electrical control cabinets, electric heating elements for furnaces and 24 hours, 7 days a week mobile field services to the industry.

This organisation is a highly focused, pro-active group which understands the industry and can respond to customer needs.

The Combustion Division is well placed to service new and existing customers whilst providing support to Major Project Engineering.

Major Oil Burners

Major S Type and Uni-Control Oil Burners feature low pressure air atomising throughout their wide operating range. They are designed for applications where manual operation is desirable, or where it is advantageous to use the most simple and robust type of equipment.

  • Upgrading of existing furnaces and ovens, Gas Trains and Combustion Management Systems including installations and relocations
  • Specialists in gas, oil and electrical burner management systems, offering registered Type B appliance service personnel
  • Comprehensive range of Combustion Spare Parts
  • Layout and wiring of control cabinets
  • Manufacture of electrical heating elements suitable for industrial use
  • Wiring of process control systems including PLC
  • Combustion system service and tuning maintenance
  • 24 hour 7 days-a-week, Mobile Field Service
  • Commission to ESV or relevant statutory body approval and AGA standards
Plant Resources and Equipment
  • Fully maintained service vehicles complete with combustion testing equipment and a range of common spare parts
  • Combustion analysis and calibration equipment
  • Gas and air pressure testing equipment
  • Extensive range of fabrication and manufacturing
  • Equipment facilities in house

S Type Oil Burners Brochure
(PDF format, 754kb)


Uni Type Oil Burners Brochure
(PDF format, 760kb)