Plant Automation & Safe Access

Major utilises our experience and our integrated system approach for plant automation projects and the safeguarding of machinery and processes.

  • New equipment – Our service ensures the automation system and the safe access system is not an afterthought, it is incorporated as part of the original design.
  • Existing machinery and processes – We engineer an upgrade with a system to meet current standards.
  • Monitor and control systems – These often incorporate a new PLC and software integrated with the machinery and process interlocks.
  • Our total system approach ensures an efficient and productive automation system and secures a safe working environment to protect employees and to meet the contemporary legislative requirements.

The features of our service are:

  • Plant Assessment Site Inspections.
  • Risk Management Assessment (in conjunction with the customer).
  • System Engineering and Manufacture.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Safety Engineering and Manufacture.
  • Electrical, Electronic, PLC, and Software System Design and Manufacture.
  • Interfacing with Existing Equipment and Systems.
  • Installation and Commissioning of the System.
  • Documentation and Training.

Major is committed to a methodology of workplace automation and safety that benefits employees, quality, consistent productivity and the working environment.

Process Evaluation

The first step is to assess or inspect the site and location of the equipment to be installed or upgraded, and then to evaluate the management objectives and the requirements of the operation and maintenance teams.

This will be followed by a risk assessment of the process equipment in conjunction with company representatives. In this way the input of those who have to operate and maintain the system, along with the process will be included in the proposed solution.

System Review

Major would then undertake cost optimisation analysis, to ensure that the system conforms to the budget requirements of management.

Following client acceptance of our proposal we then engineer and manufacture the system to address the specific site issues.

Supply and Installation

The supply of our system and equipment is backed up with experienced installation and commissioning services, operator training and documentation.

We believe our expertise and service ensures a complete and integrated solution to your automation and industrial safe access system needs.