Process Heaters & Coolers

Major designs and supplies a comprehensive range of equipment for process industries. From process heaters, ovens, driers and specialised rapid jet coolers to a range of afterburners and thermal oxidizers.
Process Heaters
  • Thermal process equipment to heat a range of industrial process fluids.
  • Direct fired hot gas generators for air.
  • Indirect fired for high pressure air, nitrogen, heat transfer oil and similar fluids.
  • Convection and/or radiant equipment available.
  • Fuels available include natural gas, LPG, fuel oil.
  • Horizontal or Vertical configurations.
  • High thermal efficiency.
Metallic Strip Rapid Jet Cooling
  • Specialised high efficiency coolers for steel and aluminium strip.
  • Applications for continuous metallic coating and paint lines.
  • Specially adapted to resin coating and “anti finger print” applications.
  • High heat transfer with low sheet flutter.
  • Compact design.
  • Cooling to near ambient possible with low LMTD.
Afterburners and Thermal Oxidizers
  • Reduces pollution from industrial process odours, VOC emissions and the like.
  • Highly efficient destruction of VOC’s including benzene.
  • Time, Temperature and Turbulence key factors.
  • Residence time and temperature according to process requirements.
  • Supplied with new equipment or retrofits to existing processes.
  • Raw gas or nozzle mix firing available.
  • Refractory designed for long life.
  • Special applications including flow modulation available.
  • Add on recuperator or heat exchangers for greater fuel efficiency.
Heat Recovery Systems and Heat Exchangers
  • Save fuel and recover heat from industrial oven and furnace applications.
  • Available with new equipment and retrofits.
  • High efficiency convection shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Radiant heat recovery.
  • Process integration.
  • Professionally engineered systems.
Ovens – Catenary
  • Multi zone catenary ovens for curing painted strip on continuous paint lines.
  • Steel or Aluminium.
  • Semi-indirect and indirect available.
  • High efficient heat transfer.
  • Combination of holes and slot nozzle types.
  • Improved nozzle to strip distance means less problems with strip shape.
  • Natural & LP gas fired.
  • Incorporates latest Safe Access techniques.
  • Thermal oxidisers and heat recovery incorporation available.
  • Accessories include Coater Rooms, Air and Water Quench and strip drying.
Ovens – Wicket Type
  • Modifications and upgrades to wicket type ovens.
  • Includes conveyor and drive upgrades.
  • Replacement wickets and chains.
  • Electrical upgrades including PLC and Fan speed control.
  • Thermal oxidizers and heat recovery adaptation.
  • Combustion upgrades.
  • Oven airflow balancing.

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