Major was established in Melbourne in 1912 as a motor vehicle sales and service company, and graduated into the field of designing and manufacturing burner equipment for the disposal of waste motor oil. From this humble beginning Major was soon manufacturing simple oil fired forge and heat treatment furnaces.

By the mid 1920’s S.E. Major Motor and Engineering Pty Ltd had come to the fore as designers, manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of furnaces and combustion equipment.

During the Second World War the demand for sophisticated metallurgical furnaces in Australia grew. Major established themselves as the only reliable source of supply for such equipment.

During the 70’s Major signed key license agreements with Selas Corporation of America, and Ajax Magnethermic from the USA and supplied two large continuous steel strip galvanising lines to BHP Western Port Victoria. At this time Major also developed the technology and began to manufacture ovens for curing lacquered tinplate sheets for the canning industry, and the manufacturing capability for aluminium melting and holding furnaces.

In 1986 Major was awarded significant large scale contracts for the design and supply of an 80 tonne capacity aluminium tilting furnace for Portland Smelter Services and later, the No 6 continuous Annealing and Galvanising Line for BHP at Western Port, Victoria.

In 1990 Major developed a new generation furnace to enable it to re-enter the Australian Cremation market. Subsequent development has produced models to meet the differing requirements of the International Markets.

Throughout the 90’s Major continued to expand its capabilities through sales and technology transfer agreements and its specialised manufacturing capability.

A period of rapid growth in the early 90’s saw Major win awards for the 7th fastest growing company in Australia in 1992 and the 56th fastest growing company in 1995.

Since then, the company has expanded its service and spare parts divisions with the addition of new service personnel, products and services in combustion, refractory, hydraulics and lubrication.

Parallel with this expansion, Major provided significant projects to industrial, mining and thermal processing sectors.

Major continues today to develop specialised skills and services for niche markets for both Australian and International industries.