Refractory & Wear Linings

Major Refractory Services has been involved with the engineering, maintenance and installation of refractory and wear lining systems for over 70 years. We maintain a nucleus of skilled refractory craftsmen to ensure our high standards are maintained. We have extensive experience in “non-wetting” aluminium contact, waste incineration linings and wear linings for process plant.

Detail Engineering and Inspection

Since refractory linings are the heart of a furnace, Major applies its accumulated knowledge into providing technical solutions for multi-layered refractory linings.

Onsite Maintenance

Major can provide turnkey installation and maintenance on a small to medium scale for various materials, from tapping blocks to a plant.

Workshop Repairs and Rebuilds

Major can provide full refractory and wear lining repairs and rebuilds of basic and specialised components. Utilising in-house plant and machinery, Major can assemble, finish and cure to high temperatures a wide variety of components which include:

  • Hot Gas Dampers
  • Zinc and Zinc/Aluminium mixture Inductors
  • Tapping Blocks
  • Burner Panels
  • Launders
  • Zinc and Zinc/Aluminium mixture Pre-Melt Pots complete
  • Furnace Doors
  • Waste Gas Stacks
  • Transfer chutes
  • Specialised castings to your requirements