Fabrication, Machining, Assembly and Vibratory Stress Relief Services

Large Workshop Facility


  • 40 ton lifting capacity
  • 10 metre hook height
  • 720kVA power and 11.5GJ/hr natural gas supplies for workshop testing
  • Heavy duty steel rolling and bending
  • Mild and stainless steel welding
  • 300A to 850A MIG, 300A TIG and 1000A SAW
  • Specialised pipe welding via STT®
  • High definition plasma cutting
  • Oxy cutting
  • Wash grinding
  • Flat bed milling on 6m bed and to 7m in diameter with attached rotary table
  • ‘Vibratory stress relief (VSR) of fabrications
Fabrication & Assembly 1
Fabrication & Assembly 2
Fabrication & Assembly 3
Fabrication & Assembly 4