Major designs and supplies cremators and associated equipment to the modern crematorium. We continue to develop equipment to suit our customers needs and the requirements of the industry.

Experience And Expertise

Major had its beginnings in Melbourne, Australia in 1912, specialising in industrial combustion, with experience in cremation technology commencing in 1936.

Stringent worldwide environmental pressures and health regulations, the company’s dedication to excellence, superior quality and advanced technology resulted in upgraded combustion technology, advanced computer controls and cremator exteriors designed to suit the needs of the modern crematorium.

Today the company is a leader in this technology, expanding throughout the world market.

Major has an extensive portfolio of reference plants.

Major recently received a glowing testimonial from the Trustees of the Necropolis Springvale regarding the performance of the Major HD90 Cremators at the Necropolis Springvale in their 2008-09 annual report.

Cremator Cost Efficiency

Cost recovery has also been a focus within the crematorium. Our cremators have out-performed against the manufacturer’s indicative estimates. Initial projections were that each cremator unit would need re-bricking every 6,000 cremations. Our experience has been that on average each of our five units perform closer to 8,300 before re-bricking is necessary.

Our efficient scheduling of cremations, maximisation of individual unit use within a day and seven day a week service all contribute towards these maintenance efficiencies.

Trust continues to be very pleased with the service and support received from Major Furnace Australia Pty Ltd.

— Extract from The Trustees of The Necropolis Springvale 2008-09 Annual Report

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The Major HD Cremator Family:

These cremators incorporate full automatic control including flue gas emissions. They meet or exceed the most stringent international pollution, environmental, health and air emission regulations.

The cremators operate on natural gas, LP gas or oil and employ the proven primary/secondary chamber design for clean discharge and reliable operation.

Major has concentrated on providing a simplified control interface requiring no special operator skills, PLC control system incorporating a touch screen, diagnostic system, modem off site system interrogation, and operator pager system all contribute to a state of the art technology cremator system.

Major HD120 Cremator is designed to process the larger charge with its 1200mm wide door opening and has a nominal throughput of up to seven cremations per 8 hour day whilst maintaining clean emissions throughout each cycle.

Major HD90 Cremator has a nominal throughput of up to seven cremations per 8 hour day whilst maintaining clean emissions throughout each cycle.

Major HD60 Cremator has a nominal throughput of up to five cremations per 8 hour day whilst maintaining clean emissions throughout each cycle.



Lotus and Hindu Cremator

The Lotus cremator is designed specifically to cater for the cremation of the very large Asian Lotus coffins.The basic characteristics of the charge size is:

Lotus Coffin

Size:       1.21m(H) x 1.21m(W) x 2.37m(L)

Weight:   330kg (80kg body + 250kg casket)

The Hindu cremator is designed to meet the specific needs of the Hindu religion.

The basic characteristics of the charge size is:

Hindu Coffin

Size:       0.88m(H) x 0.86m(W) x 2.31m(L)

Weight:   168kg (80kg body + 88kg casket)

The Hindu and Lotus are not ordinary cremators, they are custom engineered to meet very stringent environmental, operational and religious requirements with a full two second residence time at 850 degrees celcius.


Advanced Oxygen Control System

By continuously monitoring the products of the Major Cremator combustion process, deviation from optimum conditions can be detected and automatically corrected by the industrial PLC system installed on the Major Cremators.

The Major Advanced Oxygen Control System significantly reduces carbon dioxide and fuel consumption in excess of 30% during cremation.


Major standard cremators comply with stringent emission standards. In some European countries the statutory emission levels are contracting and a dedicated filtration system is required to meet these rigorous levels.

Our Major automated PLC controlled filtration system is engineered to incorporate continuous emission monitoring and feeds the cremator exhaust gases into a heat exchanger for heat recovery (or a hot water boiler), reagent dosing of the cooled gas flow, fabric baghouse filter, ID fan, and an exhaust stack.

Filtaire Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Major, designs and supplies air pollution control and dust filtration systems. Refer to for further information on the range of Filtaire Products equipment. The combination of Major and Filtaire Products provides for seamless integration of the two separate pieces of equipment into a single system.

Crematorium Equipment

Automatic Charging Bier

The Major standard charging bier is suitable to handle up to 5 cremators, and is fully mobile with lockable wheels. Our battery-powered biers incorporate an inbuilt battery charger and have no trailing cables.

Remote push button for the cremator door operation and automatic coffin loading allows maximum operator safety, reduces possible back strain, and reduces operator radiant heat exposure as the charge door operation is controlled from bier. The charging cycle of less than 10 seconds reduces the flashback potential from coffin ignition, also optimal positioning with automated charging reduces hearth wear.

Automatic Guided Charging Bier

Our in house developed automatically guided charging bier incorporates the above features plus: touch screen and joystick operation, PLC automatic guidance system, scissor lift for access to coolroom storage racking, and a long life battery power with automatic recharge.


Ash Processor

The Major ash processor is heavy-duty dust free, low noise compact unit providing a medium to fine finish.


Transfer Trolley

Our coffin transfer trolley is of robust construction with brush finish stainless steel; height elevation by battery powered scissor lift, and includes a lockable roller table. This unit allows transfer of coffins throughout the facility, can be used as a chapel catafalque, and can double as a manual coffin charging bier.


Mobile Ash Cooling Rack

rackDesigned to hold 8 pans, with nameplate holder, conveniently movable on free wheeling non marking tyres.

Monitoring Packages

The Major cremator monitor and management system consists of a software package which organises data from one or more cremators at a particular facility, using a PC compatible computer with a cable or wireless modem communication link.

The data acquisition and management allows display of real time data such as temperatures, pressure, firing rate, emission (smoke) level, cycle time, alarms, etc. This data can be graphically displayed representing the cremator status, data trending of operating parameters (real time and historical), and viewed in graphical chart form for quick analysis. The system also allows for print out hard copy records of these graphical and data records.

Paging Systems

The Major paging system offers the convenience of allowing the operators to attend to other remote duties once the cremation cycle has been initiated. The paging system provides notification of completion of the cremation cycle, or immediate warning if an alarm condition occurs during the cremation.